• Function

    The CrySiV is a MatLab based function for simulation of crystallization of 1D and 2D (high aspect ratio) crystals with nucleation, growth and dissolution.
    The function has similar calling syntax to the MatLab's inner functions and is efficiently implemented; both for the sake of serving the needs of process engineers.
    CrySiV enables optional GPU acceleration on nVidia CUDA capable units.

  • Standalone GUI

    The CrySiV Graphical User Interface (GUI) is an extension of the CrySiV function.
    The GUI eases considerably the parameterization and ensures interactive communication between the solver and user.
    The simulations are visualized by real time plots and surfaces, which makes it attractive for basic users.
    The simulation results can be saved and compared; figures and animated .gif files can be easily generated.
    These features are all designed to help to understand deeper the crystallizing systems.

  • Get it for free!

    You can download the latest version of the CrySiV in the Downloads part of this site as well as documentations and tutorials.
    Note that CrySiV can be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

GUI Demos